Saturday Night At Roddy Tree “Lazy Day’s Canteen”…Ingram, Texas

Very Cool & Gifted Musicians..Our Saturday Night At Roddy Tree was Jammin’. Band Photos are right to left.. Chuck Paul
(Keyboards), Matt Davenport (Drums), Leo Key (Guitar Vocals & Harmonica), Tony Young (Bass & Vocals)……All courtesy of my long time friend & brother Tony Young….he got this swell group of guys together to play with!! What a cool thing!! I wish the whole world could have witnessed it. We’ll do it again in the days ahead… Videos are NEXT…STAY TUNED!!


  1. Matt Davenport October 1, 2018 9:07 am  Reply

    Thanks for the opportunity to play with you. I loved it.
    See you next time you come here.

    • Leo Key October 9, 2018 8:13 pm  Reply

      Hi Matt, Your are welcome! Sorry I haven’t log on for a few days. It was a pleasure to play with you as well. Yes! We must do it a gain… Take care my friend!!!

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