The Luv Zone

Hello Music Universe,

It’s L-I-V-E!!!

The Luv Zone covers a wide area of real-estate as Key take you face to face with the many love related stories, and situations tied into the heart and soul of “The Blues”.


“Jealous Hearted Man” kick things off into high gear, “Lovely Lady”, and “Luv Zone”, strongly drive the CD’s title home. “Keeps Me Satisfied” , laced in heart felt vocals, stinging Blues licks, and tasty Jazz overtone’s clearly spotlight Key’s wide range. “Justa Lil Bit”, with it’s hard driving Rock N Roll feel, deeply rooted in Blues and Gospel. “Blames Gonna Fall On You” Aimed directly at the current political & economical issues..This track is a strong, gritty groove, with powerful lyrics and masterful guitar technique.

Bonus… Free download party track!! # 8 “Down At The Joint”
From here go to home page then select the free down load at CD
My way of saying……Thanks for your support!!!!

The Video Release “Blames Gonna Fall On You” only days away!!!!!

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